Hi, my name is Michelle Assadki.  My studio, MA’s Dent Photography, is located in Denver, Colorado. I have always loved imagery – poetry, art and photography.  When I was a senior at Regis University, I took my first art class. Imagine my joy pushing paint around canvas. The blending of colors and the beautiful shapes; I was a happy camper.
Later, I got lost in the web of completing my MBA and climbing the corporate ladder. It was during this time that a friend, one of my inspirations, took me outside and encouraged me to slow down and enjoy the sights. It took me several years, but I finally did. I bought my first digital camera, a Kodak point and click, and a universe was revealed to me. One of my favorite earlier photos was a hummingbird that was flying around flowers. It was there for 10 seconds and I got the shot. The joy that I felt was a moment of perfect bliss, clarity, and a sigh to the universe of complete awe and thanks.
I was diagnosed with Multiple Scleroses in 2007 and that is when my life changed and photography saved me. I call my outdoor photography my moments with God.   I believe that all emotions can be captured in nature.
When I photograph people in my studio, outside or at an event, I talk to my clients to uncover their needs and passions.  I work diligently on the images I release because every photo tells a story.  It is how one passes memories to future generations.  A picture is not only a thousand words; it is a precious moment that represents you.
Please look through my galleries and discover moments.  I have photographed seniors, weddings, children, families, body painter’s living canvases, models, themes and nature.